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Unparalleled Online Marketing

By merging knowledge of engineering and marketing, ExaSystems provides highly-effective web design, search engine optimization and marketing solutions.

Many businesses provide quality products and services. Even though these businesses have a strong product and/or service, their revenue plateaus with sales coming mostly from existing customers, while finding difficulty in securing new customers.

With the advent of Search Engines, having a proper website with online marketing is imperative for any business.

Industrial Web Designs
Figure 1: ExaSystems' Envisa Web Designs

With millions searching for industry solutions online, other forms of advertising are no longer effective. Meanwhile, online marketing has become the most effective way to reach many, many more customers.

Search Engine Optimization Improves Web Traffic by 100+%
Figure 2: ExaSystems Improves Web Traffic by 100+%

Some businesses smartly invest into a website to take advantage of online marketing; however, putting up a website does not necessarily translate to sales. Effective industrial marketing requires an understanding of the industry, expertise in aesthetics, as well as technical knowledge.

1st Place Ranking
Figure 3: 1st Place Ranking with ExaSystems' Marketing Solution

By merging industry knowledge, expertise in design, with in-depth technical knowledge, ExaSystems is able to engineer a highly-effective marketing solution catered to your business.

Google SketchUp for Industrial Marketing

Google SketchUp can be used to demonstrate complex industrial or technical concept in a graphical way that is easy for the audience to understand.

Highly-Effective Industrial Marketing
Figure 1: Highly-Effective Marketing for Industries

Modeling the environment or setting in Google SketchUp to show how your products and/or services can assist your customers is a very effective way to communicate what your business offers. With a visualization of the operation of your product and/or services, your audience can immediately relate how your business can assist them.

By merging knowledge of engineering and marketing, ExaSystems can provide highly-effective graphical solutions using Google SketchUp for your business.